S C O T T   C O H E N 


Set on a research vessel en route to the icy wastes of Antarctica, Peter Harrison (Vincent Kartheiser) is a writer sharing his dream of going to the ends of the earth with his wife (Olivia Thirlby). The confines of the ship and the wide open spaces of the southern ocean set the stage for an unraveling marriage encountering their first rite of passage as a couple. Red Knot is a narrative feature film that invites a broader converstaion around themes that are at once universal and personal: our closest relationships and the wilderness that lies between us.


Olivia Thirlby ・ Chloe

Vincent Katheiser ・  Peter

Billy Campbell ・Captain

   Lisa Harrow・ Herself

Roger Payne・Whale Biologist (Himself)

Matt Drennan・Naturalist (Himself)


Producer/Director・Scott Cohen

Co-Producer・Atilla Yucer

Associate Producer・Zoe Boxer

 Casting・ Avy Kaufman

Cinematography ・ Michael Simmonds

Composer ・ Garth Stevenson

Editor・ Dominic LaPerreire

   Sound Design・ Richard Beggs

Production Sound Mixer ・ Jean Paul Mugel

 Costume Design ・ Judy Shrewsbury

Art Direction ・ Todd Murphy

 Assistant Cinematographer・ Joe Maples

  Gaffer・Mark Koenig

 Creative Direction ・Fiona Struengmann

2nd Unit・ Saar Klein & Ian Bloom

 Color Timing ・ Joe Gawlor


Additional Photography – Antarctica

 Ian Bloom・Scott Cohen・Sebastian Leclercq・Michael Male・Todd Murphy・Fiona Struengmann・Phillipe Venne

Production Team –  Antarctica

1st Assistant Director・Atilla Yucer

Line Producer・ Zoe Boxer

Production Coordinator・Alex Eaton


Digital Imaging Technichian・ Ian Bloom

Editing Consultant (Antarctica)・Saar Klein

EditorEditor・ Leo Cullen

Additional Editor・Paul Snyder

Assistant Editor (Antartica)・Alex Eaton


Story・Scott Cohen


Story Consultants

Barbara Stehle・Shawn Garrett・Simon van Booy


Supervising Production Designer・Dina Goldman

Cartographer・ Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman

Storyboard Artist・Melanie Bloch

Designer ・Fiona Struengmann

Script Consultant・ Clay Frohman

Casting Associate・Leeba Zakharov


Senior Production Assistant ・George Brassey

Location Production Coordinator (Argentina) ・Sofia Chizzini

Production Help・Frederico Finkielstain &Amilcar Machado

Production Assistant ・Quendi Cook


Production Interns  

Austin Muller・Cliff Venho・Brian Petchers・Cindy Ingraham・Hannah Saucier・Gabrielle Bralove・Sei Smith・Gabriele Bralove・Mariah George


Much Gratitude to the Flying Elephants and Gregory Colbert


Special Thanks to

Caroline Baron・David Belt・Jeff Price・Liz Sherman・Anthony Weintraub・Captain Jorge Luis Aldegheri

The Ushuaia crew members

The invited guests of the Ushuaia.


 Production Team ・New York

Cinematographer・Igor Martinovic

1st Assistant Director・ Kamen Velkovsky

Production Coordinator ・Ali Pflaum

Production Designer ・ Ipek Celik

Art Director・Fiona Struengmann


1st Assistant Camera・Joe Maples

2nd Assistant Camera・Randy Maldonado

Gaffer・Mark Koenig

Best Boy Electric・Walter Strafford

Third Electric・Nick D’Agostino

Key Grip・Aric Jacobson

Best Boy Grip・John Spicer

Third Grip・Chris Wiesehahn

3rd Grip・Daniel Wong

Grip・Rob Smith

DIT・Justin Shaffer


Additional Photography・Chris Webb

Assistant Camera・Tom Cryan

Sound Recordist・Eddie O’Connor


Set Design・Mary Therese Creede, John Jerard

Set Builder・Chad Lynch

Makeup Artist・Amy Wadford

Hair Stylist・Satoko Ichinose

Hair・Paul Huntley


Special Effects Coordinator・Drew Jiritano

Special Effects・John Gray and Roland Hathaway


Production Assistants

George A. MacDonald・Robert Plonskier・Quendi Cook・Tore Knos・Zach Warsavage・Rony Cohen



 Re-recording Mixer・Richard Beggs

Pre Dubbs Mixer ・Roy Waldspurger

Effects Recordist・Angie Yesson

Music Editor・Richard Beggs

Dialog/ADR Editor・Julia Shirar

Foley Recordist/ Editor・William Storkson

Foley Artist・Ronni Brown

Conforming Editor・Chris Gridley

ADR Engineer (New York)・Tom Ryan

ADR Engineer (San Francisco)・David Nelson

Parabolic Studios (ADR New York)

Outpost Studios, Inc (ADR San Francisco)

Mixed at Suite 202, San Francisco



Film Processing・Fotokem (L.A.)

Film Dailies・Postworks (N.Y.)

Film Scanning・Technicolor (N.Y.)

Conform + Finishing・Harbor Picture Company


DI Colorist・Joe Gawler

DI Conform Editors・Roman Hankewycz and John Tissavary

DI Producer・Rhonda Moore & Molle Debartolo

Digital Intermediate Facility・Harbor Picture Company

Digitizing Dailies・Nitrous


Visual Effects・ Sasa Jokic

3D Artist・Christopher Sherwin

Additional rotoscoping・Stephen Grimm

Cineric・Seth Berkowitz


Singer/Songwriter・Annie Lynch

Singer/Songwriter・Simone White

Singer・Clarissa Land

Music Rights・Allison Little (Inaudible Productions)

Music Consultant・Aaron Steinberg

Music Production・Antony Genn & Martin Slattery

 Website Development・ ahprojects.com

Design & Layout ・Fiona Struengmann